Monthly Archives: March 2008

Theme: Glue

In our continuing series discussing some of our investment themes, we’d like to introduce a topic that we’re calling “glue”. Glue is our term for the web infrastructure layer that facilitates the connections between web services and content companies. As this ecosystem becomes increasingly complex and as web sites and web based applications rely on […]

Theme: Implicit Web

Now that we’ve blogged about our thematic investing approach at Foundry Group, we thought we’d spend some time explaining some of the themes we are excited about. Yesterday we wrote about our interest in next-generation human-computer-interaction applications and technologies, and today we are going to talk about another one of our active themes. One of […]

Theme: Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

As we mentioned in the previous post, at Foundry Group we structure much of our investment analysis and thinking around themes. For us, a “thematic investment approach” is something broader than investing in market sectors, rather we look at the world in a horizontal fashion. A theme is applicable across consumer and enterprise customers, and […]