Monthly Archives: April 2008

Did Darwin Skip Over Email?

In a time when many folks view Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn as the new darlings of the Internet, we still believe that email has been and will long continue to be one of the Internet’s few enduring killer apps. Several of us at Foundry Group have been deeply involved with the email industry as insiders […]

Our Investment in Memeo

Since the launch of the Foundry Group blog, we’ve written at length about our thematic investing style, some of the specific themes we are looking at (HCI, Glue and Implicit Web), our backgrounds and our view of how geography factors into our investment criteria. We have yet to write about any of the companies we’ve […]

Who Are We?

Every venture capital firm starts with people. In our case, Foundry Group consists of four experienced venture capitalists – Brad Feld, Seth Levine, Ryan McIntyre, and Jason Mendelson – who have been working together for the past eight years. We all met through our work at Mobius Venture Capital. Following is the story of what […]

Is “Geography” a Cliché in Venture Capital?

Most entrepreneurs who have raised venture capital have heard the popular cliché: Venture capitalists only invest in their backyard. The venture press and popular media are full of interviews with venture capitalists who emphatically state they’ll only invest in companies that are within driving distance, live in the same area code/zip code, or belong to […]