Monthly Archives: May 2008

Boulder’s Culture of Entrepreneurship

If you saw our prior post about what Jason and Ryan learned by moving to Boulder, you read about the vibrancy of Boulder’s entrepreneurial spirit. We decided to follow that post up with some specifics regarding the startup culture of Boulder and some of our related activities within it. TechStars: If you are a frequent […]

Our Investment in Lijit

As we’ve previously written, one of the things we intend to do with our blog is highlight the companies and entrepreneurs in whom we’ve invested. While it’s always nice to give our portfolio companies some exposure, it’s also a good way to provide concrete examples of the investment themes Foundry Group is pursuing. The purpose […]

Theme: Digital Life

As part of our ongoing discussion of the investment themes we focus on at Foundry Group, it is time to discuss digital life. Certainly anyone who is reading this blog post is living a digital life, and among the partners at Foundry Group, we are all gadget-lovers, early adopters of software and online services, part-time […]