Monthly Archives: May 2009

Foundry Group’s investment in Medialets

At Foundry Group we’ve made investments in a handful of companies that participate in the online advertising ecosystem. But as we talk about how we think about these investments here on our blog and in other forums, we describe our efforts in this area not as “advertising” but as “glue.” Our interest lies in the […]

Our Investment in Gist

Today, Gist has announced that Foundry Group has led its $6.5m Series A financing. We are delighted to be investors in a company that we think has a shot at solving “the inbox problem” that we’ve been thinking about and living with for a long time. If you follow our themes, you know that Email […]

Jason is appointed to the NVCA Board

The annual meeting of the National Venture Capital Association just wrapped up in Boston yesterday. As you can imagine in these economic times there was plenty for the group (which is the industry association representing the approximately 450 venture capital firms in the United States) to discuss.  If you’re interested, Jason has a post on […]