Monthly Archives: August 2009

Smith & Tinker Financing

While the Nanovor Online Battle Game provides a superb kid-vs-kid gaming experience online at the PC, Smith & Tinker’s vision is to enable kids to take the Nanovor universe with them wherever they go, and that they be able to play both solo and head-to-head with other children when they are away from a computer.

…We view the platform Smith & Tinker has created as an important step for the toy industry, and as an example of another step in the evolution of human-computer interaction enabled by the availability of computing components sophisticated enough (yet cheap enough) to bring a compelling and unique gaming experience to a children’s toy with a sub $50 price point.

The new Foundry Group website

We’ve been flattered with the feedback on our new Foundry Group website design.  We had a lot of fun putting it together and are really happy with how it turned out. Websites for venture firms can be a challenge and in our case we wanted to create a site that was informative, serious but not […]