Yearly Archives: 2012

Our Investment in Betabrand

We are pleased to announce that Foundry Group is the lead investor in a $6.5m Series B investment in Betabrand Corporation.  Located in San Francisco, CA, Betabrand is an online clothing company that creates unique clothing that appeals to an individual’s sense of personal style, exclusivity, and creation.  By creating limited edition “inventions” Betabrand takes the […]

A New Investment Theme? You Tell Us.

At Foundry Group, we spend a lot of time thinking about our Thematic Investing Approach.  We both rethink our current strategies within existing themes and also talk about what big picture and transformative trends are occurring that may lead to new themes. Previously, we’ve unearthed themes after we’ve made several initial investments in an area […]

Our investment in isocket

Today isocket announced an $8M Series A financing led by Foundry Group. isocket is pioneering the concept of “programmatic direct buying” of online advertising – connecting buyers and sellers of premium display inventory together on the isocket platform to streamline and make more efficient the process of buying and selling premium display. By making the […]

Our Investment in Mobiplug Networks

We are pleased to announce that we’ve led a $2.7m Series A financing of Mobiplug Networks, a graduate of this summer’s Boulder TechStars program. Mobiplug is developing an affordable all-in-one home monitoring and control solution that starts with a gateway device that sits on a home network and speaks a variety of the most common […]