Monthly Archives: February 2014

ARTtwo50 – Our Third FG Angels Investment

We are excited to announce our third FG Angels investment in ARTtwo50 – who have raised $285K from our FG Angels syndicate. If you’ve been to our offices, you know we are fans (and collectors) of original art. But, the art world is very top-down, rigid, and has remained relatively unchanged for decades. The ARTtwo50 team of designers, […]

Our Investment in

We are excited to announce that we’ve led’s Series A financing. Based in Louisville, CO, is an email infrastructure company that provides services to domain registrars, ISPs, and mail services providers to better manage and monetize bounced email traffic. We love the email market, as evidenced by our investments over the years in […]

Our Investment in TeamSnap

We are pleased to announce that we’ve completed our initial investment in TeamSnap.  Located in Boulder, CO, TeamSnap is building a software platform that helps people manage groups that they belong to such as sports and hobby groups. With our portfolio company investments related to our Marketplace and Distribution themes, we’ve been consistently interested in […]