I’m very sorry but I can’t seem to find the page you’re looking for. I’m sure this is my fault but as I’m only a webserver I’m too stupid to know what to do about it. Since I’m not sure what you were trying to find, the best thing I can do is suggest some of the pages other people seem to find interesting.

– Foundry Partners: Lots of things about Jason, Brad, Seth, and Ryan.

– Foundry Group Blog: Announcements about investments and other things the guys think you might be interested in that they are doing.

– Foundry Group Portfolio: The companies that the guys have invested in. So far they haven’t found one that makes me smart enough to know what you are looking for, but maybe, just maybe …

– Foundry Group Portfolio Jobs: Since I’m a webserver I don’t need a job. However, you might. Here’s a list of cool ones.

There is a lot more on the site, but this is some stuff to start off with.

Oh, and just so we’re clear this is just the Foundry Group 404 page, which for the non-nerds means you typed in a URL that I can’t find.