What’s An LP Meeting Like?

Hunter Walk, one of the two founders of Homebrew, a VC firm started in 2013, just wrote a great post about Homebrew’s first LP meeting. My partners at Foundry Group and I are LPs in Homebrew and we’re actually hosting Hunter and his partner Satya Patel in Boulder for dinner tomorrow night, followed by some office hours in Boulder on Tuesday.

I love Hunter’s blog and his transparency about his experience as a VC. If you don’t know Hunter, he used to run Youtube at Google. If you don’t know Satya, he used to be VP Product at Twitter. Both are super smart, sincere, no bullshit, and working their butts of as they build a new early stage firm.

So – if you want to learn what a VC annual meeting is like, go read Investors Updating Their Investors: Inside Homebrew’s First Annual LP Meeting.

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