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Our Investment in HelloSign

We are excited to announce that Foundry Group Next has completed its Series B financing in HelloSign. HelloSign is based in San Francisco and makes the excellent HelloSign App and API, HelloFax, and the recently launched HelloWorks, which allows developers to convert documents and forms into intelligent workflows within their applications. HelloSign’s API-driven platform approach […]

Our Investment In Sensu

We are pleased to announce that we have made our initial investment in Sensu, Inc. Sensu is a modern and cohesive monitoring platform for the enterprise – it can monitor servers, services, application health, or business KPIs, enabling dev and ops teams to keep a vital, real-time view on the health of their infrastructure. Sensu […]

Making Music with ROLI

 Today we are excited to announce that Foundry has lead a $27 million financing round in ROLI. Based in London, ROLI makes connected hardware and software products that transform music-making with a platform that bridges the gap between acoustic and electronic instruments and allows anyone to make music. ROLI’s Seaboard is a new kind of […]

We’ve Joined the Circus!

Two Bit Circus, that is. Today, we are excited to announce that we’ve co-led a $6.5m Series A investment in Two Bit Circus with our friends at Techstars Ventures. Our Human Computer Interaction theme continues to evolve and provide fertile ground for investments. One of our core beliefs about HCI is that as computing continues […]

Our Investment in Distil Networks

We are pleased to announce that we’ve co-led Distil Networks’ Series A financing, along with Techstars’ Bullet Time Ventures. Based in Arlington, VA, Distil Networks provides advanced bot detection and mitigation capabilities to its customers on public and private clouds. The term “bot” refers to an automated software program that runs over the internet and […]