CEO Bi-Weekly Summary | 09.22.2021

Hi Everyone. Network CEOs: “What have you been up to, Foundry?”

Us: “We’re so glad you asked! We’ve been busy working on our brand. Soon we’ll have a new look, an updated website, and platform experience to support our unique network of Founders, GPs and LPs. Foundry is evolving, and we cannot wait to unveil the final product one month from now.”

Stay tuned for the launch.

As always, below is a recap of the key CEO threads, Don’s corner, “perk of the week,” as well as a preview of what’s on tap.

Until then, be well and kind to one another.

Rena, Seth, Ryan, Moody, Jaclyn, Lindel, Brad, Lynch, Lena, Angeli, and Don


Save The Date!

Bay Area CEO Meet-Up


November 2, 2021

Join our 2022 Meet-ups (Dates TBD)

(CEOs welcome to attend any of the following):

  • Seattle/PSL- Q1/date/TBD
  • Colorado- Q1/date/TBD
  • Boston- Q2/date/TBD
  • NYC- Q2/date/TBD

Join for a Future of Work webinar

How companies are approaching return to work plans, including balancing front line and remote teams, managing corporate footprints and policies looking forward

Tuesday, 9/28 at 4:30pm MT (6:30pm ET)

Register here.

Panelists include Dr. Sheila Rege, CEO, Northwest Cancer Clinic; Board Director, Physicians Insurance & Marvin Boakye, Chief People & Diversity Officer, Papa John’s International & Deena Shakir, Partner, Lux Capital.

Join Brad Feld and Technical Integrity’s Dave Mayer

They’ll discuss Nietsche and Entrepreneurship at Denver Startup Week

Monday, 10/4 at 11am MT

Register here.

Join Jaclyn Hester, Matt Blumberg of Bolster and Emily Rollins (Xometry)

They’ll discuss Startup and Scaleup Boards: Building the Most Diverse and Effective Board

Monday, 10/4 at 11am MT

Register here.


Brad Feld hosted “A Fireside Chat” with Jeff Lawson, Co-Founder & CEO, Twilio and author of Ask Your Developer.


(group archive here)


(group archive here)


Elevate Security

Robert Fly of Elevate Security explores how identity is the new perimeter, and with the transition to remote work, companies have to rethink their security strategy.


Carta’s How to Raise a Round Podcast ft. Craig J. Lewis of GigWage


Glowforge cuts deal with Michaels to expand retail reach of its 3D laser printers


Integrate Named “Best Overall MarTech Solution” in 2021 MarTech Breakthrough Awards Program


JumpCloud Announces $159 Million Series F at a Valuation of $2.56 Billion

Looking Glass


Mixhalo was included in Apple’s Keynote as a new technology that will benefit 5G users. Watch the replay here.



Techstars doubles down on European commitment with the launch of two new accelerator programs in Paris and Stockholm


Tidelift Joins AWS Partner Network Global Startup Program to Provide Application Development Teams a Comprehensive Way to Manage Open Source on AWS


Corp Dev: Don Loeb

Headlands West Advisory

Please email Don if you’re interested in talking about any of these companies/people, especially those scheduled for the
next couple of weeks.


VP Corporate Development




Director Corporate Development


Area 120 Founder of Threadit


VP Business Development


Principal Corporate Development


VP Corporate Development

CA State Office of Technology

Chief Technology Innovation Officer


Chief of Staff and Head of Corporate Development

Don’s upcoming meetings
rrently scheduled)
in the next 2 weeks


Head of Search and Shopping Product

Amazon (Alexa + Climate)

Director, WW CorpDev Alexa + Climate Pledge Fund

500 Global



VP Design


General Partner

Google (Area 120)

Founder Threadit

Founders Co-op + Remitly

Founding Managing Partner


Former VP Product, now advisor


General Partner


Head of Operations

SE Ventures

General Partner


Hello from Foundry Group’s newest Investor

By Angeli Agrawal

Venturing out: Foundry Group adds a rising star investor, Angeli Agrawal

By News Nation USA

Below the Line Podcast Episode #117:
Continuing to Evolve as an Investor

Interview with Brad Feld

Recruit Rockstars Episode 423: Brad Feld Gets Philosophical

Ft. Brad Feld

Something Ventured Podcast: Brad Feld: “Friedrich Nietzsche is the
Patron Philosopher of Today’s Entrepreneurs”

Ft. Brad Feld

In the latest Techstars #GiveFirst podcast, Brad Feld talks to Bain Capital Ventures’ Matt Harris about his career as an investor and how he has supported entrepreneurs on a now-25+ year journey that has paralleled, and shaped, that of venture capital in the age of the internet.

Ft. Brad Feld

Why do the media always pit labor against capital? – TechCrunch

Contributor: Seth Levine

The Full Ratchet Episode #299: The Decline of Entrepreneurship in America, Systemic Inequity in Supporting Small Businesses, and the “Capital vs. Labor” Debate

Interview with Seth Levine & Elizabeth MacBride


View our list of vetted talent candidates in Foundry’s Talent Network.

(pass: FoundryFamily! — must manually type it in.)

Talent Spotlight: Forrest Baringer-Jones
He comes recommended via one of our Partner Funds, Uncork Capital.

  • Position Desired: CFO
  • Location: Bay Area, New York; open to other locations as well.
  • Sector/Experience: Enterprise Software, consumer marketplaces, consumer hardware, Enterprise Hardware, HealthTech, and FrontierTech (Life Sciences, AgTech, Space, ClimateTech, NextGen Manufacturing, etc).
  • Contact for an intro or check out our full Talent Network list via, pass: FoundryFamily!​ (type in if copy/paste does not work).


Hot Freelance/Contract Tech Talent from our friends at 10x.

  • Dan Gerlanc – Senior data scientist & data engineer
  • Jeanette Woods – UX, mobile, branding, and responsive web design wiz
  • Louis Ye – React / Typescript / Javascript front-end expert
  • Matt Murphy – Full-Stack engineer with management experience, more recently into Blockchain technologies

For more information, please contact Sam Zeisler at


Who: GoalFlow

What: Employee Goal and Reward Platform

Perk: 50% off unlimited users for 12 months

About: Without clear goals, people work in circles.

GoalFlow simplifies employee goals and rewards, making the experience better for everyone. Company-wide goals cascade down to teams and individuals, keeping teams and departments aligned. Employees choose their rewards (crypto, gift cards, cash) and get paid automatically based on performance.

See how the platform can help your team drive stronger results.

Contact: Email Murphy at to learn more.

CEO Summit Postponement

As we look toward the second half of the year, we continue to grapple with questions surrounding COVID-19 and the Delta variant. One thing, however, is for certain: the health and safety of our network (and your families) are of utmost importance to us.

Due to the recent spike in cases around the U.S. and world, we have decided to postpone our CEO Summit from October to Spring, 2022. It will still take place at Devil’s Thumb Ranch, so if you’ve reserved your room already, we’ll simply move your reservation. If you’ve booked your flights, please contact your carrier to make arrangements. The new dates for the summit in the spring are still TBD, but we hope to determine this in the next few weeks. We apologize if this has caused any inconvenience.

In the meantime, we are busy planning other potential programming including regional/outdoor meet-ups and other digital content. We will send around another survey to gauge interest and to make the most out of the remainder of this year.

We want to thank those who have voiced their opinions and participated in the surveys and open dialogue surrounding this event and what is best for the network.

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